About The Broken Kite


Greetings! I’m Pedro A. Juárez. I was born into a cult that I was brainwashed into devoting all but the last year of my life to. I was strongly discouraged from chasing after any and all personal pursuits, however wholesome, as they would distract from the service I rendered to the organization and perhaps sow doubts in my head, reaping the loss of my faith. As I grew, so did my list of questions, and I never quite quelled my skepticism. Fortunately, I was able to begin traveling as a young man living in NYC, which greatly broadened my horizons and introduced me to photography. I was ultimately excommunicated from the aforementioned cult-disguised-as-a-religion, and photography was the only thing I had left. I clung to it and have no doubt it saved my life. I’ve since begun reconstructing my life and am happily married to a wonderful woman who doubles as my assistant.

Exploring my previously untapped creativity through photography has been a humbling and healing adventure. It’s taught me to see, not just to look. It’s taught me patience, perseverance, while forcing me to continue stretching myself. I avoid the tired and overly-manipulated photography that permeates the internet today. I believe photography, more than ever before, should be simple, honest, and organic.

Thank you for visiting my page and reading about me.